Reasons to buy Cloth diapers

Nowadays if you plan to buy any product online, there are a bunch of stories of these products on many of the websites. It’s up to you to select either a good product or to choose a well-known website. Choosing a bad product may lead to many disadvantages.

For example, if you choose to buy cloth diaper online, which is of low quality, it may result in causing diseases such as skin allergy.

Are you thinking to overcome these problems?

Superbottom is the best online store in India.

After utilizing disposables for my baby for a starting couple of months, I have to admit that I was nervous getting into cloth diapers bandwagon at first. However, I still ordered a bunch of cloth diapers online. Then once I tried cloth diapering, there was no turning back. I absolutely love it.

Cloth diapers | superbottoms
Cloth diapers | Superbottoms

Let me tell you 7 reasons why I love and prefer Cloth diapers.

1) A cloth diaper has a great bounce and Vibration. The disposables comparatively make a terrible wrinkly noise. Your baby will love the bounce. So will you! Just play the drums on the cloth diapered bum of your baby. You’ll find yourself and the baby laughing with joy. Might as well start a new band, eh!

 2) My baby hates getting dressed and undressed most times. Cloth diapers make my baby look clothed and it really helps in the summer. Not only does this reduces the number of clothes, I have to put on him but it also saves me from his crankiness

  3) I find the prints delightful. All the animals, and the cartoon characters prints, even from the time, when I was a kid are absolutely adorable.

 4) Ok, I’ll start this part with a warning. Make sure your diaper is squeaky clean before you try this. Did you realize that cloth diapers can also work as hilarious, yet stylish baby hat? Yes, they can. With the right prints on the diapers and clothing to go with it, your baby can become the next style icon.

 5) No more late-night drives to the pharmacy to buy new diapers. This is a big deal for mom’s who have to wake up again early the next morning to go to work. Also, another warning, make sure the cloth diaper stays on the top of the laundry or you risk waking up to put the pants on at 3 am to go on the much-dreaded diaper run. This warning comes from experience.

 6) So I was just browsing to buy baby Cloth diapers online and found a lovely e-store A Toddler Thing. With the diaper names that shout Hoot, Zig n Zig, Desi Love, and Rikshawala, I just knew I had to buy one, or more. They have a good range of modern cloth diapers available in their store.

 7) Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and safe. I am no scientist but I am sure there are loads of chemicals in disposable diapers. The magic gel stuff that absorbs 100 times its weight does not happen naturally, right?


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