5 things to know about cloth diapers for babies

The dilemma of picking the right diaper for your little ones, can be quite tiresome and confusing, especially for new parents. More so, when there are so many options and varieties to choose from. The bigger argument however, is the contest between using Disposable Diapers and Cloth Diapers. So, which one is the ideal pick for your baby? Cloth diapers could easily win that debate for quite a few reasons. Let us tell you 5 things about cloth diapers for babies that are definitely worth considering when you make that choice.

Super Economical:

Imagine investing in about 9000 disposable diapers for your baby for 3 years, against just 16 Cloth Diapers for the same time period. Exaggeration you think? Actually not. A baby uses five diapers per day for three years, costing Rs 11 per diaper. Add to this the cost of wipes and rash creams. Compare this with using just 16 advanced cloth diapers in total, which cost Rs 800 each that would last three years. And when you have another baby in the family, their diapering becomes free! You can change your bub’s diaper as frequently as you want without worrying about the additional cost. Cloth Diapers will cost you about 80% lesser than the disposable counterparts. All this while offering you the best comfort and superior efficiency.

Super Easy:

Easier than you’d imagine – That’s the best way to define Cloth Diapers. They don’t require any pins or fasteners. The newborn size comes with soft velcro tabs. For older babies, they come with snap buttons that a baby will find difficult to pry open. With a little bit of practice, anyone can put them onto the baby quite easily, right from Daddy to Grandma to the day-care aunties.

Eco friendly – Washable and Reusable:

Cloth Diapers are made of Organic Cotton and have 0% Harmful Chemicals and Azo Free Dyes making them extremely safe not only for our babies but also for the environment. Cloth Diapers can be Washed and Reused making it sustainable for years. The washing routine is like that of any other clothes, using ordinary detergent. On the flipside, disposable diapers take hundreds of years to decompose. By using Cloth Diapers, you’re not only making the best choice for your baby but also doing your bit for the planet.

Super comfortable and rash free:

The use of the highest grade of soft organic cotton, nothing comes close to the comfort Cloth Diapers can offer our little ones. Disposable Diapers are often culprits of giving babies rashes around the edges due to their harsh materials and chemical ingredients. Cloth Diapers have none of those, additionally they don’t let any moisture to be retained that could irritate your baby’s skin, significantly reducing the chances of rashes, leading to each diaper being used for several hours. Mommies, you can catch some extra snoozes while your baby sleeps for longer periods, dry and rash-free!

Birth to Potty training:

Advanced cloth diapers can be used right from birth to the time that your baby is potty-trained. There are just two sizes required – the newborn size (3-7 kg) and the free size (5-17 kg). They can be resized with snap buttons as the baby grows and reaches his milestones. They are also designed to be super-trim and are available in a variety of prints.

Cloth diapers have a number of benefits which are not only Baby-friendly but also Parent friendly. So go Cloth Diapering!